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Salesforce Media Cloud Advertising Sales Management

A single platform for your entire advertising ecosystem

For companies operating in media, entertainment, retail, and ecommerce, advertising is a critical, but increasingly complex, revenue model. You must reach consumers on numerous channels, track simultaneous campaigns, and deliver against important KPIs, all while competing in a crowded landscape.

Salesforce Media Cloud Advertising Sales Management is an end-to-end platform that handles the entire process—from client pitch to media planning, campaign execution, measurement, and reporting. With a 360° view of every component of the ad sales cycle, you can maximize your inventory, scale revenue, and streamline the entire process.

Advertising Sales Management Drives Growth Across Your Organization


increase in customers retained


increase in revenue from cross-selling/upselling


increase in business user productivity

With Salesforce Advertising Sales Management:

  • Leverage an industry-specific data model to simplify media planning, advertising sales, and campaign fulfillment
  • Unify all teams on a single platform
  • Utilize past campaign performance to inform future planning decisions
  • Uncover growth opportunities and underutilized ad inventory
  • Fast-track campaign execution with pre-built integrations to top ad servers
  • Increase revenue through AI-generated recommendations

From Proposal to Payment – Seamless Workflows for Your Ad Sales Team


Improve campaign planning with a converged platform

A 360° view of your entire advertising ecosystem empowers your team with the information they need to succeed. Easily navigate and visualize all key agency, advertiser, and brand relationships, get unified visibility into advertising inventory across all channels in a singular view, and review historical and categorical campaign insights to make informed recommendations. Your dashboard also functions as command central, with news about customers, reminders, and recent opportunities, and notifications from team members with requests, approvals, and updates.

When your sales team has this information at their fingertips, they can develop stronger relationships with advertisers and build more effective media plans. Real-time visibility into ad inventory ensures you prevent revenue leakage and maximize every opportunity.

  • Track all key information about advertisers in one place
  • View booked campaigns vs. goals, along with your pipeline and top accounts [individual sellers]
  • Oversee your team’s performance [managers]
  • See how titles are performing and which content is being sold against
  • Maintain an accurate view of ad inventory at all times
  • Forecast the success of campaigns before you commit to them


Automate ad sales with media-specific CPQ

Advertising Sale Management is powered by media-specific CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote software) that supports highly complex rules and attribute-based pricing. This allows sales reps to easily designate budgets, campaign goals, flight dates, ad formats, frequency, and geography and then use intelligent workflows to trigger the appropriate actions to quickly generate proposals, insertion orders, and route orders for digital approval.

Complicated, manual processes extend sales cycles and introduce human error. By automating the workflow, your sales team spends less time processing documents and can focus instead on the needs of their customers and improving media planning and campaign performance.

  • Coordinate multiple campaigns across multiple channels with quick and efficient pricing
  • Ensure pricing consistency with a centralized product catalog and rate card
  • Streamline internal approvals with visibility across the entire orchestration plan
  • Eliminate manual error
  • Shorten sales and contract cycles


Leverage pre-built integrations to your preferred ad servers

Once an insertion order is approved and your team is ready to activate a campaign, Order Management pushes each line item in the media plan to their respective ad servers. With over 150 pre-built integrations to ad servers like Google Ad Manager, Facebook, AdRoll, Criteo, and TradeDesk, you can accelerate campaign deployment, execution, and invoicing.

Campaigns today involve a huge range of different channels, ad formats, and ad servers. Even executing change orders takes valuable time away from selling, building relationships with customers, and optimizing campaign performance. Pre-built integrations that sit between ad-serving and order-management systems streamline the entire process.

  • Accelerate campaign launches
  • Alleviate your team from time-consuming manual tasks and the technical aspects of integrations, freeing them to focus on campaign optimizations and client opportunities
  • Remove the need to build and maintain custom connectors


Optimize campaigns in-flight

Once a campaign is deployed, Advertising Sales Management’s Datorama integration pulls all performance metrics from first- and third-party data sources into one comprehensive dashboard. This allows you to visualize campaign metrics and pacing, optimize campaigns in-flight with timely AI-powered insights, and ensure your campaigns are on track to meet your target metrics.

Every dollar spent counts. When you understand which campaign elements are performing well, and which aren’t tracking the way you expected, you can make necessary adjustments in real-time.

  • Easily combine cross-platform data to identify opportunities for optimization
  • Minimize revenue leakage with harmonized reporting
  • Ensure your advertiser achieves the results they expect


Reconcile payments and performance reports

Once a campaign has concluded, the Advertising Sales Management platform reconciles plans versus actuals, and automates billing and payments in one system. It also provides a holistic view of campaign analytics in one dashboard, keeping a historical record of performance to inform future planning and campaigns.

Every advertising channel has its own billing and reporting system, which makes manual consolidation time-consuming and error-prone.

  • Alleviate your team from labor-intensive manual reporting
  • Reduce day sales outstanding
  • Give your financial department an accurate system of record

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We have been a leading Salesforce partner for the past 17+ years, building custom solutions and managing highly complex integrations for hundreds of companies. With our expertise in media, entertainment, and retail, we were chosen by Salesforce as one of five global launch partners for the Advertising Sales Management application.

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