Data Clean Room

For companies that want to do more with their first-party data

V2’s Data Clean Room Accelerator combines Salesforce Media Cloud and Snowflake, empowering publishers and advertisers to compliantly share first-party data, generate deeper audience insights, and unlock new revenue opportunities.

What Does This Do?

The Data Clean Room is an Accelerator for Salesforce Media Cloud.
It extends and enhances Media Cloud’s suite of features so that users can create and manage their Snowflake data clean rooms directly from the Media Cloud Environment, enabling secure data sharing while protecting PII and other sensitive data.

This is ideal for companies engaged in co-marketing efforts, media companies with multiple digital properties or divisions that want to share data, publishers and advertisers looking to improve campaign KPIs, retailers with rich conversion data to share with partners, and more.

Key Features


Simplified Audience Management

The process of sourcing, managing, analyzing, defining, and activating customer data for cross-channel campaigns can be time consuming, tedious, and expensive to staff and support. The correct blend of processes, data, intelligence, and technology must be leveraged correctly to create meaningful connections with your audience(s).

Audiences today have many different eIDs and disparate data across channels and companies. This makes audience management increasingly complex—especially when combining multiple data sets and running simultaneous campaigns.

  • Reduces duplicate profiles and wasted ad spend
  • Streamlines the creation and management of new audience segments with accurate attribution
  • Improves campaign performance and ROI


Privacy Protections for Responsible Marketing

Share sensitive data such as emails, names, device IDs, and IP addresses with a third party while preserving the privacy of your users. Because the data is shared anonymously within the data clean room environment, first-party data is never moved, copied, or exposed. Each data owner retains full control of their data.

Strict regulations like the California Consumer Privacy Act (CCPA) and General Data Protection Regulation (GDPR) hold companies accountable for protecting their customers’ personally identifiable information.

  • Adhere to all consumer privacy laws
  • Rest assured knowing your team is operating compliantly—and that you’ve put your customers’ privacy first


Deeper, More Actionable Insights

When you layer your first-party data with a partner’s, you can see where they overlap and create high-quality and mutually-beneficial audience segments based on deeper demographic and psychographic insights. You can then activate your campaign on your preferred ad server right from the Media Cloud environment.

As competition increases and campaign performance decreases across industries—particularly with the deprecation of third-party cookies—companies need better ways to leverage their own data while protecting the privacy of their customers.

  • Understand exactly what’s working
  • Improve campaign performance and ad effectiveness
  • Create more personalized ads and experiences for your customers
  • Provide better conversion signals to your partners


Secure Data Infrastructure

When you create a data clean room with this Accelerator, shared data stays in each party’s Snowflake instance while Salesforce Media Cloud’s data model and Omnistudio features (low-code tools to create guided customer and user flows) manage the metadata and facilitate your analysis.

Media companies benefit from sharing data sets with their advertisers, and hospitality and retail companies need to share data with B2B customers and partners, but to remain compliant, it’s important that first-party data is never moved, copied, or exposed.

  • Control where and how data is stored
  • Keep the entire workflow within an environment (Salesforce) where all teams are already working
  • Leverage the best-in-class security of Salesforce and Snowflake to protect your data, team, and customers


Automation and Time-Savings

This Accelerator automates the creation of new Snowflake data clean rooms. While previously you needed the expertise of a data engineer, now there’s no coding required—your Salesforce Administrator can easily create as many data clean rooms as you need with just a few clicks.

Each step in the process is extremely time-consuming when done manually: querying data, defining audiences, deploying campaigns, generating reports, etc. The components and services provided in the Data Clean Room Accelerator streamline the entire process and save you valuable time.

  • Reallocate your team’s time to high-value activities rather than spending hours on set-up and maintenance
  • Eliminate manual segmentation
  • Automate complex queries and reports

Wondering if this is right for your company?

The Combined Power of Salesforce Media Cloud & Snowflake

Salesforce Media Cloud is the leading CRM for advertising and subscriber management. When combined with Snowflake, this powerful pairing serves up predictive insights that help you uncover new opportunities while protecting the privacy of your customers.

The Data Clean Room Accelerator is the first of its kind for the Media Cloud platform.

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