Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management

Personalized customer experiences, at scale

The Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management application was designed to help companies launch subscription services, oversee product catalogs, and manage the customer lifecycle within the Media Cloud environment.

Whether you’re launching subscription services for video or audio streaming, publishing, digital media, television, gaming, or retail media, Subscriber Lifecycle Management allows you to deliver personalized products, experiences, and promotions to delight your audience and maximize retention.

What is Subscriber Lifecycle Management?

A subscription management tool like Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management allows you to handle every step of a customer’s journey in one place: from initial targeting and campaign development to managing trials, onboarding, billing, and subscription changes, creating a personalized experience, and offering customer support.

A Streamlined Experience for Customers and Employees



Delight customers from the minute they first engage with you. Create automated touch points throughout the customer lifecycle, and empower them to manage their own experience with efficient self-servicing tools.


Prospective Customers

Convert casual browsers to paying subscribers. See what content prospects are engaging with and then create targeted campaigns and personalized offers, such as bundles, free trials, and discounts to encourage them to upgrade their experience.



Streamline the editorial workflow for your contributors. With WordPress and Salesforce integration capabilities, content creators can manage their submissions from personalized portals, automating the submission, approval, and publication process.


Sales & Marketing Teams

Reach your customers where they are. Create personalized, multi-touch customer journeys across a range of platforms and channels. Once converted, 360° user profiles detail each customer’s history of engagement and marketing outreach, highlighting opportunities for upsells, cross-sells, referral and loyalty programs, and more.



Avoid headaches like dunning management with reliable systems for payment management. Detailed reports allow you to monitor and forecast revenue, analyze pricing, and evaluate underperforming products. The Subscriber Lifecycle Management application also protects your customers’ data and adheres to important compliance regulations.


Service Agents

Enhance your call center capabilities and provide excellent omnichannel customer service. With a 360° view of each customer, you can quickly resolve and troubleshoot issues and answer questions proactively via automated alerts. Changes to the customer’s profile are updated across all departments, creating a single source of truth.

With Salesforce Subscriber Lifecycle Management:

  • Increase campaign performance with improved audience insights and targeting
  • Deliver personalized end-to-end experiences and recommendations
  • Increase average revenue per user
  • Automate critical steps of the customer lifecycle
  • Track content performance
  • Combat churn with predictive analytics
  • Empower customers with 24/7 support

A Solution as Dynamic as Your Content


Boost campaign performance

Improve campaign targeting with detailed insights about prospects and audience segments. Subscriber Lifecycle Management allows you to track each customer journey—the frequency of their sessions, what content they consume, their mobile usage, demographics, and personal attributes once they provide certain information. From there, the platform’s algorithm provides predictive insights and recommends a “next best offer” to move them down the marketing funnel.

Both consumers and brands are active today across many channels, so prospects may interact with you via social media, newsletters, events, print or out-of-home advertising, digital campaigns, or your website. It’s critical to track all of these touch points to optimize the customer journey.

  • Get clarity on which offers best convert
  • Build complete customer profiles as you merge unknown and known attributes over time
  • Increase conversion rates and campaign ROI


Build 360° customer profiles

Once a customer converts, you’ll already have a detailed profile from the acquisition stage—now, create a full 360° view with content preferences, interactions, and order and billing history. See how likely customers are to churn and instead build product stickiness and loyalty through intelligently triggered recommendations.

With so many subscription services available to customers today, the overall customer experience is critical. Consumers have high expectations for ease, personalization, and on-demand support. The more you know about your customer, the better you can service them and provide the features, content, or products they need.

  • Increase average revenue per user with intelligent recommendations based on each customer’s individual attributes
  • View aggregate historical insights across the entire platform to evaluate performance
  • Identify downward trends that indicate churn and address them proactively


Create effective catalogues and product bundles

Easily create and launch new content, products, or bundles and create flexible pricing options for your customers. With modern subscription services, there are unlimited numbers of combinations that customers may request. Subscriber Lifecycle Management streamlines the management of hundreds of SKUs along with promotions, discounts, and trials.

It’s simple: customers don’t want to pay for things they don’t need. They expect to customize the product bundle they want, frequency of delivery they need, or content topics that pique their interest.

  • Accelerate time to market for new products and bundles
  • Get real-time insight on which products or content generate the most revenue
  • Evaluate pricing strategies and optimize over time


Monitor content and product performance

Give your team a macro view of how content is performing across categories and sites with customizable dashboards and reports. Metrics like active vs. inactive subscribers, new subscriber rates per month, and time spent identify your top-performing series and services and can impact your publishing cycle. In addition, identifying where you’re receiving customer complaints can highlight areas of your product that need improvement, from your self-service tools to your recommendation engine.

Along with overall user experience, your content and programming are top factors that influence customer retention. Research has shown that subscribers will stay with services that offer the widest (55%) or best (46%) selection of content.*
*Source: Salesforce

  • Monitor audience engagement metrics that indicate success
  • Eliminate underperforming content or services
  • Identify service interruptions or other frustrating experiences that may cause churn
  • Maintain a strong overall customer experience

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