Launching New Platforms

New implementations bring out the scientists and artists in us. The science is understanding the complexity of our clients’ business models, cultural norms, business and technical requirements, data and analytics needs, and process flows. The art is devising an elegant design and providing stellar bedside manner when shepherding clients through an exciting but often daunting process of standing up a new enterprise solution.

With hundreds of successful projects under our belts across myriad industry segments, V2 has developed a proven deployment methodology blending the best elements of agile and waterfall. Through a collaborative approach with client team members, we provide end-to-end services ranging requirements gathering, prototyping, conference room pilots, technical testing, data migration, training, go-live migrations and post go-live support. We are not shy about our stellar track record and unwavering commitment to excellence. We’ll get it right the first time.

Optimizing Existing Deployments

Failed technology deployments are rarely created or solved by drag and drop. Root cause analysis often points back to cultural challenges, poor architectural decisions, dirty and duplicative data, insufficient resource allocation among other factors. To make an analogy, sometimes building foundations are poured improperly, electrical is completed with dangerous shortcuts or plumbing is poorly designed. Your technology deployment is a building. Mistakes are made. Shortcuts are common. Weeds begin to grow. Regardless of origin, design inefficiencies are frustrating. Executives are likely asking tough questions and their elevated expectations around building a better system are not aligned with reality. It’s stressful.

V2 specializes in optimizing large-scale, complex Salesforce instances. We are the surgeon you want in the room and we are not shy about our unique specialization to breathe life back into your critical Salesforce deployment. We have evolved superior methods to ensure little to no business disruption for your hundreds or thousands of users even when complexities such as data migrations, integrations, code refactoring, UI enhancements and training are involved. We can walk the walk and have done so with global organizations.


Consolidating Orgs & Traversing M&A Integration

The world of business continues to evolve at a rapid pace. Innovate or die. Demonstrate consistent top-line revenue growth. Cut costs. No wonder M&A remains prevalent. Company integrations are complex from a cultural and technology perspective. Due diligence is imperfect and systems strategy is not always top of mind with the finance quants. That’s where we come in.

V2 helps independent companies and private equity investors plan and execute the successful merging of companies and Cloud systems. The challenge: Multiple instances hold overlapping data, varying quote-to-cash workflows and multiple integrations with disparate back-end platforms. Yes, it can get a bit messy, and it always needs to be completed ‘yesterday.’ Been there, done it. With V2 by your side, you can accelerate critical M&A activities such as efficient on-boarding or merging of teams, alignment of processes and the integration of key systems. We’ll help you hit those aggressive timelines by becoming a highly valuable extension of your integration team. Let the consolidation begin.

Project-Based Engagements

In recent years, we’ve found that many Salesforce customers are struggling to operate efficiently with their legacy Sales Cloud or Service Cloud configuration and seeking more value from the platform. We can help by bolting on additional Cloud solutions and platform functionality such as marketing automation, CPQ, or analytics, which can help to streamline business processes, improve productivity, increase actionable insights, and reduce tech stack redundancies. We have helped hundreds of clients revamp their Salesforce instances and achieve greater ROI, whether it be shortly after a poor deployment conducted by another third-party or following years of institutional neglect. Our consultants are passionate about helping organizations take their Salesforce instances to the next level and will take a methodical approach to quickly understand your business and technology challenges through workshops and in-depth analysis, all while efficiently reverse-engineering your Cloud architecture and long-term business goals in order to design a best-in-class, industry-specific design.

Portfolio/Roadmap-Based Engagements

Building and properly maintaining your tech stack is a journey. While project-based work is oftentimes necessitated, V2 recognizes that an ongoing, extended partnership can quite often be the key to long-term success with the Salesforce platform. This is where our portfolio/roadmap-based approach comes in.


We scope out the most important focus areas and deliverables that are critical to your success over an extended period of time and classify them into primary and potential buckets. In addition, we will agree to deliver an ongoing set of services such as requirements gathering, testing, QA, projects management support and training – this helps you “keep the lights on” and make consistent progress in your Salesforce journey. With this approach, clients gain access to an entire team of Salesforce professionals instead of a single administrator or consultant. We enable your organization to tap into a highly skilled group of people, spanning Architects, Program Managers, Consultants, Business Analysts, Developers, and even Cloud Specialists and Industry SMEs.


For a fraction of the cost compared to staffing up an employee-based model needed to adequately covers all areas of Salesforce, our certified consultants and developers act as a strategic expansion of your team, representing a diversity of competencies and experiences so you can hit the ground running on any roadmap initiatives-quickly, efficiently, and effectively. Our team can perform support across configuration, data cleansing and migration, analytics, integration, coding, architectural advisory, and much more.

Who We Are

V2 is a leading boutique management & technology consultancy in the Salesforce ecosystem. Since 2005, we've built a respectable client list of well-known brands and fostered a culture of excellence, diversity, inclusion, and growth.

What We Do

V2 supports business and technology transformation initiatives across a range of industries. We take a holistic approach to solving client challenges by focusing on people, processes, data and platforms, and partner with best-in-class technology solutions including Salesforce and Snowflake.

How We Operate

V2 is an independently owned consulting firm that delivers a unique customer experience by combining proven enterprise capabilities, fair & reasonable pricing, a flexible delivery model, and a white-gloved approach to client success.


V2 understands the nuances of your industry including key trends, process flows, roles & responsibilities, data structures, and technology integrations. We'll speak your language on day one and share proven, innovative approaches to help you drive business and digital transformation in a competitive landscape.

Featured Insights

V2 believes that providing world-class consulting services begins with a passion to listen, learn, analyze, debate and share. While we certainly retain some of our "special sauce" for clients, we feel it's important to highlight our perspective and insights on a range of relevant topics.