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The Challenge

A global streaming services provider had recently launched a new Salesforce-based order management system following the deprecation of Google DSM. While executives and management initially hoped to glean advanced reporting and analytics based on the convergence of CRM and OMS ad sales data in Salesforce, fundamental data and configuration issues following the launch of order management prevented this goal from being reached. Despite much energy being invested upfront to design and launch the order management solution, the post-launch environment posed great challenges across the organization spanning sales, account management, FP&A, revenue operations, and other departments.

The new order management system was riddled with rigid process flows and governance policies, data was misaligned, and end-user sentiment overall was low. End users were submitting questions, issues, and feature requests at a rate that overwhelmed the existing Salesforce support team who were simultaneously trying to support general system adoption efforts, address and fix bugs, gather requirements for end user needs that had been overlooked, and respond to end-user cases and complaints. Given the extensive work ahead to fix order management, executives and managers were far away from ever seeing any form of analytics in place to advance strategic reporting initiatives.



























The Results

V2 staffed a small team of consultants to rapidly assess the situation and immediately begin helping to get the order management deployment back on track. V2 provided program management oversight and support, set up new case handling processes, centralized tracking of end-user issues, led workshops with executives and managers across the various departments, and acted as a liaison between the business and the support team to help align on a path forward. V2 introduced a more rigorous QA process to support critical feature launches, leading to fewer issues upon release. V2 also helped migrate the support queue from a Chat-based system to a more structured solution leveraging Salesforce Cases. This provided much greater transparency and analytics around the volume of issues and allowed for more efficient triage.

Once the initial order management solution reached a healthier state, V2 moved on to drive efforts across other strategic areas. First, the V2 team designed and launched a robust Account-based forecasting solution, allowing the client to deprecate spreadsheets and gain real-time insights into potential spend per customer. The V2 team also architected, designed, built and launched an MVP of Einstein Analytics which surfaced key seller performance data and trends based on both CRM and OMS data. The Einstein Analytics MVP quickly evolved into a more robust real-time analytics solution being leveraged by key executives across several departments.

V2 continued to help drive critical data initiatives to support advanced reporting, investing significant energy around the? restructuring of Account data critical for reporting across many teams with a focus on standardizing Account datas that was shared between the CRM and OMS solutions. The Account restructuring efforts and implementation of Account data governance initiatives helped lay the groundwork for additional advanced reporting via Einstein Analytics.

As a capstone to the program, V2 team conducted a management consulting?initiative?to assess the business and its tech stack, including insights around how to better structure client resources to best support the growing user base and their needs related to CRM and OMS, both built on the Salesforce platform.

While the order management challenges were seemingly insurmountable heading into the program, V2 was able to optimize the functioning of the OMS, support the client in streamlining ongoing OMS optimization processes, and help lay the groundwork for a Salesforce-centric strategy with Einstein Analytics at its core, providing the scalability and transparency needed to support the client on its continued high-growth path.