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The Challenge

A renowned professional sports franchise recognized the need to streamline its operations and enhance customer relationships through the implementation of a CRM system. With numerous departments involved in customer interactions, including Marketing, Corporate and Premium Sales, Service, Community Relations, Ticketing, Merchandise, and more, the chosen CRM platform had to offer flexibility and adaptability to cater to diverse user needs.
While the franchise had a robust ticketing solution in place, many other areas of the business still relied on manual processes and Excel spreadsheets. The absence of a centralized relational database resulted in inefficiencies, hampering timely analysis and decision-making. Recognizing the importance of data-driven insights and streamlined workflows, the organization sought a comprehensive CRM solution to optimize its B2B2C relationships and drive operational excellence.

The Results





















V2 embarked on the program by leveraging its D(3P) Management Consulting framework, meticulously assessing the state of data, people, processes, and platforms. Our team developed a comprehensive technical blueprint tailored to the unique complexities of the sports franchise’s B2B2C data model. This included a strategic blend of Salesforce’s B2B Account model and Person Accounts functionality, ensuring scalability, optimized data storage, seamless user experience, and robust integrations with third-party solutions.

The solution architecture comprised a sophisticated mix of standard objects, custom objects, and meticulously crafted code-based extensions to accommodate complex feature sets not native to the Salesforce platform at the time. Key features encompassed a holistic 360-degree view of season ticket holders, advanced revenue modeling for sponsorship sales, streamlined post-sales activation workflows, meticulous incident tracking for stadium operations, and comprehensive management of premium sales and services.

Data architecture and integration stood as pivotal pillars of success for this transformative program. Given the varied definitions of accounts spanning the B2B2C spectrum and the imperative for summary-level ticketing data to seamlessly flow into CRM for enhanced customer service, V2 engineered, rigorously tested, and seamlessly deployed an integration solution between the leading ticketing platform and Salesforce. Additionally, our team undertook a substantial initiative encompassing data cleansing, deduplication, and meticulous data migration, ensuring data integrity and fidelity throughout the implementation process.

Moreover, V2 significantly bolstered the development of integrations to fortify marketing automation capabilities and streamline eCommerce transaction mappings, driving unparalleled efficiency in the daily processing of transactions. Finally, our team meticulously crafted custom reports and dashboards tailored to the specific needs of each department, catering to executive-level decision-making, managerial oversight, and individual contributor performance tracking.

In addition to the robust technical solution, V2 delivered extensive and tailored training programs designed to empower each department for success. Leveraging a blend of small group training sessions, personalized 1:1 coaching sessions, quick reference guides, and other innovative methods, we fostered high user adoption rates and maximized operational efficiency across the organization.

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