The world of communications is complex and converging. As long-standing behemoths look to the future, they clearly see a vision which involves media and ad tech.


The evolution of cord-cutting and internet-based television is accelerating with services like Netflix, Hulu, Amazon Prime and HBO GO. All the while, the battle continues for coveted wireless customers whose mobile consumption is driving a new world for digital advertising.

V2 has worked with CLECs, mobile infrastructure companies and CDNs as well as some of the world's most prominent digital media organizations. We have seen firsthand this convergence which will take years to come to fruition. It is an exciting time and V2 aims to be at the forefront of this transformation from both a management and technology consulting perspective. Our V2 D(3P) framework spanning data, process, people productivity and technology platforms can help drive the operational efficiencies organizations will need to remain competitive.  


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