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Surfacing Strategic Data to Solve C-Suite Challenges


The Challenge

C-suite and key sales and finance executives needed more accurate tracking of existing customer base renewals as well as new prospect business opportunities across four global divisions. The client’s longstanding Salesforce instance suffered from deep and costly legacy integrations with order capture, contracts, and billing systems. Further, in conjunction with order management systems, Salesforce was not optimized to support more streamlined selling activities. Account and related data was predominantly dirty, duplicative, and inaccurate, leading to a pervasiveness of one-off spreadsheets which impacted the accuracy of data reported out of Salesforce. It was critical that the business find a way to surface data more rapidly to prevent a potentially damaging period of attrition.


The Results

V2 executed an accelerated D(3P)™ Management Consulting program and presented findings to the global C-suite which included recommendations around process refinement, change management, and Cloud architecture strategy. V2 seamlessly leveraged data gained through the D(3P)™ findings summary to lead a large-scale optimization of the existing Salesforce instance. V2 focused on designing a system to rapidly surface key data for daily and weekly decision-making while, in parallel, building, testing, and deploying an optimized Salesforce instance using a multi-phase deployment approach for 600+ users across the Americas, EMEA, APAC, and ROW.

The program encompassed extensive data governance efforts, including data cleansing and implementing data governance policies to scale, as well as normalized global sales process flows and stages and-user oriented UX enhancements to improve seller productivity.

From a more technical perspective, V2 collaborated with the client-side team to optimize existing CRM-to-order management integrations, refactor existing codebases to improve code coverage and deprecate technical debt. V2 also developed and managed a complex, multi-sandbox environment synchronization and deployment cycle strategy. Lastly, to ensure high adoption, V2 designed an extensive customized training program to support both train-the-trainer and end-user trainings spanning various roles and global regions.