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The Challenge

After acquiring dozens of properties, a high-growth global producer of live events and digital entertainment content recognized the need to button-up its operations. The lack of a centralized CRM and sales pipeline management tool was resulting in noticeable knowledge flight, lengthy reporting cycles, and inefficient cross-group collaboration. Moreover, global reporting was inefficient and time-consuming due to disparate systems and processes across the organization. Revenue modeling of both booked and flighted revenue was challenging and mostly done in “black box” spreadsheets, which required manual upkeep and aggregation in order to provide global views into data. Event attendance was being captured manually across a multitude of sources and then entered in spreadsheets.

















The Results

V2 first leveraged its D(3P) Management Consulting framework to rapidly analyze the client’s global properties data and process flows and identify critical commonalities and differences. V2 then recommended a uniform sales process that provided global roll-up reporting capability while also capturing each individual business unit?s key nuances and requirements. It was critical that a platform be designed to further automate key processes at scale in the future.


Rather than use a cookie cutter approach, V2 intelligently designed and built an event-centric solution design to manage key event-related summary data spanning properties and brands. And while V2 deployed standard features such as Accounts, Contacts, and Opportunities, V2 also developed additional custom solutions to manage Festivals, Events, and Deals. As key executive team members deemed revenue modeling to be critical, significant efforts were invested to ensure that revenue forecasting capabilities and metrics were incorporated into the event-focused design.


The strength of the design was reflected in new Reports and Dashboards which visualized key data on a global basis including revenue split across regions, festivals, events, brands, and other segmentations. Legacy data migration and training went smoothly and end users immediately jumped into the solution, leaving behind the myriad spreadsheets and manual work required in the past.