Inc. & Fast Company Customer Journey

Forging A Partnership

Inc. & Fast Company reached out to V2 to help accelerate their Salesforce program after a colleague recommended V2’s consulting services. After a few meetings and a demo of V2s Ad Sales solution, it was clear that V2 was the right partner to help Mansueto Ventures achieve business transformation and sales growth through technology.

Project 1 : Launching Salesforce for Inc. Ad Sales

Started: September 2014
Length of project: 3-months

Goal: V2 set out to provide the team with a structured but reasonable Ad Sales CRM design

  • A custom Meeting Summary solution enabled the revenue and sales managers to measure the quality and quantity of seller meetings with Inc. advertisers and agencies.
  • Improved design and user experience around Opportunity entry gave the sales teams an accurate pipeline and revenue forecast, allowing the chief revenue officer and Inc.’s publisher to feel more confident in the numbers.
  • The overall ad sales solution was robust, yet easy, providing the executive team with the right data spanning Advertisers, Agencies, Seller Activities, Opportunities, and much more needed to run the business.
  • The partnership delivered incredible value to the Inc. Ad Sales organization, all at a very reasonable investment.
  • It also enabled Inc. to deliver the kinds of advertising messages that best served the Inc. audience, linking business solutions vendors to an audience hungry for such solutions.
Project 2 : Integrating Fast Company & Deploying Einstein Analytics

Started: January 2018
Length of project: 6 weeks

Goal: Merge Fast Company’s existing Salesforce org into the efficient Salesforce Org V2 had already deployed for Inc., while implementing an MVP of Einstein Analytics

  • Fast Company’s users and swaths of data were carefully migrated into the Inc. instance of Salesforce without business disruption.
  • With Fast Company and Inc. in a consolidated instance of Salesforce, the organization was provided a single, consolidated view of their advertiser and agency relationships, as well as a consolidated view of their sales pipeline.
  • The Mansueto executive team was impressed with the power of Salesforce’s Einstein Analytics and the ability such data provided to view and react to critical sales data on the fly.
Project 3 : Selecting the Right OMS Vendor

Started: November 2018
Length of project: 3 Months

Goal: Thoroughly assess Mansueto’s needs for order management and run an end-to-end OMS vendor evaluation in time to replace their current DoubleClick Sales Manager (DSM) solution before its scheduled shutdown in July of 2018

  • Beyond just Salesforce integrations, V2 could also help Mansueto with both management consulting and in helping Mansueto assess its “middle office” needs.
  • V2 was able to keep OMS solution vendors honest around their feature, capabilities and pricing, details which likely would have fallen through the cracks without V2’s attention to detail and willingness to advocate on behalf of Mansueto.
  • Mansueto was able to make this critical platform decision based upon clear and reliable data and in an objective manner.
  • V2 is now a go-to partner for end-to-end “prospect to cash flow” consulting, serving many clients in their OMS vendor selection process in order to augment their overall tech stack.
Project 4 : Implementing Order Management

Started: January 2019
Length of project: 3 Months

Goal: Successfully implement an order management system for Mansueto without negatively impacting its thriving CRM platform for Inc. & Fast Company

  • V2, once again, helped Mansueto Ventures avoid business disruption and made sure their money was well spent on their OMS solution and implementation services.
  • V2 collaborated with the OMS vendor to design a customized solution that was aligned with what was initially committed by the vendor, ensuring Mansueto’s critical order management flows were successfully modeled via the solution and integrated with Salesforce.
  • The solution was deployed on time and on budget, leaving plenty of time before their previous instance of Google’s DSM was sunset.
The Journey Continues

The publishing industry constantly evolves and adapts. While the future remains unclear, Mansueto Ventures can count on the V2 team to be there helping them every step of the way.

To find out how the V2 team can help your company, Get in Touch today to begin your Salesforce Journey with V2!