V2 Retail & Consumer Goods

Get to know our Retail & Consumer Goods Solution. We’ve designed and built comprehensive solutions across all revenue models with a focus on providing our client’s a comprehensive 360° view of their customers and their customers with a world-class experience.

V2 Retail & Consumer Goods Segments

Luxury/Retail Org


Core Features:
-Wholesale Distribution
-Store Operations
-Analytics Studio
-B2B Commerce
-B2C Commerce
-Supplier Management
-Product Management
-Associate Community
-Custom Service

Restaurants Org


Core Features:
– Franchise Management
– Off-Site Food Services
– Consumer Insight
-Resturant Operations
– Vendor Management
– Product Insight
-Resource Setup
-Field Work Management
– Any Channel Service



Core Features:
– Store Operations
– Inventory Planning
– Analytics Studio
– B2B Commerce
– Vendor Management
– Pharmacy Relationship
– Any Channel Service
– Podcast Management
– IT Management
– Human Resources Associate
– Associate Community

Org Accelerators

B2B B2C Commerce
Loyalty Management
Field Service Lighting
Tableau CRM
Employee Experience
Consumer Goods

Solving Key Pain Points

Simplify your supply chain through our solution that integrates the lifecycle of your products, from manufacturing to consumer and everything in between and provide your team with automated flows and a best-in-class cloud technology experience.

Our cloud-first solution will automate and streamline your operations outside of the supply chain creating easy access to data and analytics to inform decision making leading to increased operational efficiency and savings which can be passed on to the consumer.

Change the way your customer interacts with online or field service agents. Our solutions integrate cutting edge,
omni-channel training with the tools to enable your sales and services teams to have a 360 view of each customer.

V2 Industry Brand Transformations

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Gilt Groupe

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