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We obsess over making sure our clients successfully align their systems, processes, and policies to capture relevant data in order to surface the right insights to the right audiences at the right time. Our intimate knowledge around industry-specific workflows, revenue models, roles and responsibilities, and KPIs has enabled us to help many organizations take full advantage of Cloud-based systems such as Salesforce, Tableau, and CRM Analytics to achieve their analytics goals.

Every consulting program we execute, from large-scale, global transformation programs down to single-Cloud deployments, start and end with data. While data is consistently the “long pole in the tent” across our programs, V2 can also provide standalone, end-to-end data, integration, and analytics services to help you achieve your transformation goals, starting with the basics of data governance, data cleansing, and data restructuring all the way through to handling complexities across data warehousing, integration, and analytics.

Our analytics capabilities are second to none. Let us help your organization take full advantage of Salesforce’s Analytics solutions to unify disparate sources of data on a single platform and reveal insights, opportunities, and risks from a single source of truth.

 We offer a range of services to support our Tableau clients, including:

Data Visualization: We help our clients to create customized dashboards and reports using Tableau to visualize their data and gain insights. We can create interactive dashboards and reports that allow your teams to explore their data, identify trends, and make informed decisions.

Data Analytics: We help our clients to analyze their data using Tableau’s advanced analytics capabilities. We can help them to identify key performance indicators (KPIs), track metrics, and monitor performance.

Business Intelligence Strategy: We help our clients to build a comprehensive business intelligence strategy using Tableau. This can include creating a data governance plan, building a strategy around data warehouse technology and flows, and creating a roadmap around custom reports and dashboards to support key business initiatives.

Training and Support: In addition to providing training on analytics as part of our implementation programs, we also offer training and support services to help our clients build out their own Tableau capabilities, as well as providing ongoing support to help clients troubleshoot issues and optimize their use of Tableau.

Performance Optimization: We help clients to optimize the performance of their Tableau environment. This can include optimizing their data sources, configuring Tableau Server, and implementing best practices to improve performance.

Custom Development: Provide custom development services to help our clients extend the functionality of Tableau. This can include developing custom connectors, building custom visualizations, and integrating Tableau with other applications.

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V2’s Tableau Capabilities

V2’s team of certified Tableau experts spans project managers, business solution architects, technical architects, and consultants. We have deep experience leveraging Tableau for our clients, helping them to realize more value from their data through data visualization, data analytics, business intelligence, collaboration, and training and support. By leveraging Tableau’s capabilities, you can gain valuable insights, improve your operations, and drive business value. 

Our Tableau practice has helped businesses across myriad industries, including media, communications, technology, retail, consumer goods and  more streamline operations, reduce costs and IT overhead, and improve customer experiences. 

Whether you’re looking to connect legacy systems, automate business processes, or build new digital solutions, we can help you achieve your data visualization and business intelligence goals with Tableau.

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Turn your data into insights that drive results with Tableau. Whether you’re looking to uncover hidden trends, create clear and compelling visualizations, or empower data-driven decision making, Tableau’s powerful analytics platform can help you unlock the value in your information. Contact us today to discuss your data visualization goals.