5 Simple Ways to Strengthen Partner Sales with Sales Cloud PRM

by | Jan 31, 2023 | Partner Relationship Management, Salesforce, Salesforce Core CRM

In the media industry, success requires effective management of multiple partner relationships. Including those with talent, production companies, distributors, advertisers, and audiences. These partnerships are crucial for both the creative aspect of media projects and sales and business growth. Maintaining strong and positive relationships with partners ensures smooth execution of projects and helps in securing future opportunities. Working with the right talent and production companies can elevate content quality and enhance audiences’ overall experience. Establishing strong relationships with advertisers and distributors can provide financial stability and increase the reach of media content. It’s essential for all companies to have a strong partner relationship management strategy in place to drive success in both creative and business endeavors.

Managing these relationships is the linchpin to unlocking greater sales opportunities, but how and where do you do this? Managing just a handful of partners is feasible with spreadsheets and email. But it gets pretty messy when you attempt it at scale. With Sales Cloud PRM (Partner Relationship Management), you can empower distributors, resellers, agents, brokers, and other partners as a true extension of your internal team. 

Sales Cloud PRM can help you put everything partners need online and within reach to build stronger relationships and increase success. Simplify your entire partner lifecycle with improved visibility, personalized experiences, and collaboration in real-time. Here are five simple ways Sales Cloud PRM can help you improve indirect sales and achieve shared goals.


Partner Relationship Management

1. Create a One-Stop-Shop Partner Portal

With Sales Cloud PRM, you can set up a secure, password-protected partner portal quickly and easily. Just select a template based on your workflows, and customize it with a few clicks. Best of all, you can personalize experiences so partners will always have what they need to market, sell, and support prospects and customers.

2. Deliver Relevant Personalized Experiences

Digging through vast amounts of irrelevant information takes away from time better spent elsewhere. With this in mind, Sales Cloud PRM uses partner profiling to customize partner portals based on your CRM data. With Sales Cloud PRM, partners will see only what’s relevant to their efforts — for example, materials, training, and support based on their role, region, program, or tier.

3. Onboard with Ease

There’s a clear difference between effective and inefficient onboarding. Sales Cloud PRM delivers a great experience by removing friction and serving up everything that new partners need to thrive. With Sales Cloud PRM, you don’t have to waste time setting up calls or searching for information or answers to support new partners. Sales Cloud PRM provides tailored learning paths to help your partners get up to speed fast.

4. Leverage Pre-Built Marketing Tools

Give partners powerful templates, tools, and resources to improve marketing and conversions. Sales Cloud PRM makes it easy for partners to build, track, and analyze campaigns. With prebuilt content and journeys that can be co-branded and customized, and automated channel marketing, everyone will be able to make the most of every minute and marketing spend.

Learn how partner relationship management can help drive sales


5. AI-Powered Conversation Insights & Coaching

With Sales Engagement’s Call Coaching, sales managers can take advantage of AI-powered Einstein Conversation Insights to surface valuable insights and coachable moments. Managers can define keywords to hone in on competitor and product mentions, to better understand objections and how sales reps are selling successfully or falling short. They can also drill down into metrics such as talk-to-listen ratio, timestamp moments and other insights to ensure everyone is performing to the best of their ability.

Level Up Your Sales Team

Sales Engagement is a proven solution that lets you ramp up your sales productivity and success, while managing everything within the Salesforce ecosystem. 



Building Trust Starts With A Conversation.

Contact us today to discuss how we can help your team take advantage of Partner Relationship Management, or should you have any other questions about other Salesforce solutions. 

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Brett Carneiro

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