Going Beyond Traditional Managed Services: Three Ways to Support Your Ongoing Salesforce Support Needs

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Beyond Support:

V2’s Agile Managed Services for Salesforce Success

In today’s rapidly evolving business landscape, digital transformation has become a critical imperative for organizations across industries. To remain competitive, businesses must optimize their processes, leverage technology effectively, and ensure seamless integration across various platforms. As one of the leading CRM, Service, Middle Office, and Marketing platform solutions, Salesforce plays a vital role in enabling this transformation. However, many companies need help maximizing the potential of Salesforce and leveraging it to its fullest extent. Overall, we recognize that Salesforce customers may be looking to get more out of their investment on a day-to-day basis and may be curious about where ongoing support services fit in. This is where working with a Salesforce partner like V2 Strategic Advisors and taking advantage of Salesforce Managed Services can make a significant difference.

Going Beyond Traditional Managed Services:

At V2 Strategic Advisors, we understand that Managed Services should be more than providing basic Salesforce support. After years of working with customers in various stages of their Salesforce journey, we have come to know what customers need most and what service delivery models work best. As a result, V2 has designed three distinct Managed Services programs to meet clients where they are at. We go the extra mile by offering comprehensive solutions that help supercharge our clients, whether it be helping them augment their existing teams, backfill for an admin, accelerate backlog initiatives, or bridge gaps during particularly intense work periods. V2 has created three custom programs to help address top customer needs when it comes to Managed Services:

Program One

Agile Staff Augmentation Services

In the fast-paced business world, we know that finding the right talent, at the right time, can be a challenge. That’s where partnering with a diverse skill set provider comes in. Picture this scenario: your team is hard at work on a major Salesforce transformation project, handling design, coding, integration, and analytics updates. While your internal resources can manage most of the workload, you might need more specific expertise for certain aspects of the project. Enter V2’s Agile Staff Augmentation Services, a flexible program, as part of our Managed Services offering. Rather than outsourcing an entire project, you can seamlessly integrate the right types of experts into your existing team—no need to go through the tedious process of hiring for multiple roles. Our team of architects, consultants, analysts, developers, Cloud specialists, QA experts, and more is at your disposal. Our agile approach ensures that you can tap into a team, not just an individual, and only pay for the capabilities you need precisely when you need them—no more unnecessary overhead of staffing an entire team. With V2 as your partner, our joint teams become a powerhouse, ready to take on any challenge that comes your way.

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Program Two

Outsourced Administration Services

In the dynamic world of Salesforce, every customer reaches a point where evaluating their administration needs becomes crucial. You may have just launched a new instance of Sales or Service Cloud, and you now realize the level of post-launch maintenance will require a dedicated resource. Or, you had a skilled administrator in place, but due to unforeseen circumstances, you’re left without one, requiring a bridge strategy as you contemplate long-term solutions. Enter V2’s Outsourced Administration Services—the perfect solution to keep your Salesforce journey on track. Our team of certified, trained, and highly experienced admins is ready to handle everything from day-to-day maintenance to managing security, setting up new users, and implementing bug fixes. They’ll also make incremental updates based on your enhancement requests and create insightful reports to support your business needs. Think of them as your internal Salesforce gurus, guiding you through every aspect of your instance. With outsourced administration, you can focus on what truly matters while unlocking the full potential of your Salesforce investment.

Program Three

Backlog Support Services

Launching a new platform is just the beginning of your journey toward success. As you progress, a backlog of future state enhancements inevitably builds up over time, and how you address items on the backlog may directly determine your longer-term stakeholder support, user adoption, and, overall, the return on your Salesforce investment. Don’t worry; you’re not alone. Many Salesforce customers face the challenge of managing their backlog effectively. Backlog work may involve handling various tasks such as design, configuration, coding, data updates, integration updates, reporting, documentation, training, and more. But fear not; there’s a way to master this process and unlock Salesforce’s full potential. Enlisting the help of a dedicated team can be a game-changer. V2 offers Backlog Support Services for these purposes. We staff experts who can tackle your backlog efficiently, delivering results faster and driving your business towards thriving on Salesforce. Our team can also support you by helping establish a system to manage the backlog as well as implement processes for intake and workload management. With the right approach to managing your backlog, you’ll pave the way for a seamless Salesforce journey that ensures success, user satisfaction, and a rewarding return on your investment.

Why Managed Services Can help you do more with less

In today’s digital age, successfully navigating the complexities of Salesforce platform management and maintenance requires expertise, experience, and a strategic approach. By partnering with V2 Strategic Advisors, you gain a trusted ally with a proven track record in accelerating your digital transformation initiatives.

Building Trust Starts With A Conversation.

Let our scalable and expert Managed Services offerings empower your organization to take Salesforce to the next level. Schedule a consultation with our team today to discover how V2 can accelerate your digital transformation journey and maximize the potential of Salesforce. 

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