How We Deliver

Program Management

Projects come in all shapes, sizes and complexities. Large, multi-divisional, cross-departmental programs don’t scare us – they put a smile on our face. We embrace the challenge of breaking down your technology and business challenges into digestible chunks, rapidly learning your company’s unique vernacular and quickly setting up systems and operating procedures to begin executing. Accelerating time to value is paramount. Your executives need results yesterday. We get it.

We don’t walk in the door dictating the ‘right way’ to measure or execute – we listen, seek to understand, share our acquired wisdom and embark on a collaborative journey with you. V2’s methods are a blend of agile and waterfall and always involve the use of Cloud-based systems to support efficient data exchange between our teams. We pride ourselves on running highly efficient meetings where quality trumps quantity. We believe you deserve transparency and accountability through weekly reporting of goals, achievements and hurdles. We don’t believe sending mountains of emails proves our worth. It all seems so intuitive, yet clients continue to say that V2’s approach is indeed refreshingly different.

Process Improvement

Let’s face it, every company has process challenges – old habits are tough to break. We humans don’t always embrace change with a smile. The evolution of Cloud solutions, however, has allowed companies to rapidly embed unique processes and data flows into system architectures like never before. Faster process improvement is within reach but must be accompanied by intelligent systems design and proper change management.?

Layering new software solutions on top of broken legacy processes just isn’t our style. We facilitate visually-based, highly-effective, and often long-overdue discussions between executives, managers, and individual contributors in a way you have never experienced prior. We challenge the premise of “It’s the way we’ve done it for many years”, guiding your team to more streamlined approaches. We seamlessly transition between going down in the weeds for critical details and stepping back to see the bigger picture. The result? Better processes. Higher productivity. Increased revenue.

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Change Management

CRM and technology deployments as a whole are tough, period. Getting the design right is only one aspect influencing success. Process improvement gets you further but is not a panacea. What about the cultural, political and other factors which never make it to the screen? People don’t always like change (an understatement, right?). Executives and middle managers need to begin each project asking critical and in some cases contentious questions. It’s looking at the person in the mirror.

We’d like to say, “We’ve seen it all,” but we haven’t. Each client is indeed different. While we encourage our clients to take the lead, our team is alongside you, helping to drive tough but long overdue conversations around changing habits and creating new rituals. We relate experiences and craft strategies to best fit your organization’s unique culture. We strive to align executives who may bring differing perspectives to the conversation. It’s about shepherding your people through the necessary change in a comforting manner.

Training & Adoption

We are not shy to admit that we’ve learned a lot over the years from some world-class client-side program managers. In the world of consulting it’s critical to listen and observe when industry, technology and line of business experts share their wisdom. We remind ourselves that it’s a priveledge and honor to be invited “into the room” and help guide our clients who are oftentimes incredibly talented executives, managers and organizations.

One key strategy V2 observed and adopted quite early in our own journey as a consultancy servicing global and high-growth organizations, was to ensure our clients commit to proper program goverance. V2 helps you set up a tiered governance structure consisting of executives, managers and indiividual contributors spanning various dimensions such as departments, teams, roles, and regions. We assist with proper multi-channel messaging and set up and lead periodic check-ins to keep all stakeholders aligned. In addition, we supplement these milestone-based governance actiivies with highly-effective weekly written and live updates in a consistent and transparent manner. Our clients consistently say that V2 truly “walks the talk” when it comes to goverance in a manner they have rarely seen in the world of Salesforce management and technology consultanting.

Program Governance

Long gone are those multi-day training extravaganzas. Customers now talk about training hours, not training days. Salespeople want to be in front of clients. Support folks have customers to make happy. Marketing campaigns can’t wait. Point well taken. V2 has built a flexible, multi-platform approach to training, allowing clients to blend virtual vs. in-person, live vs. video, and end user vs. train-the-trainer sessions.

We’ve learned a lot over the years regarding optimizing the user experience and driving high adoption rates. We take into consideration a range of human factors from high-level cultural and political elements down to detailed process flows and click-through patterns. Whether helping to address low adoption rates on your existing system or going live with a newly designed Salesforce, V2 will add tremendous value to your training team. We share lessons learned, well-developed IP and world-class training and adoption methods for you to leverage on an ongoing basis. Like it or not, when done properly your training and adoption journey never ends.