Ad Sales Activities Tracking

V2’s Ad Sales Activity Tracking module is based on our industry-leading Media Ad Sales Productivity Framework “MASP Framework”. We understand the unique nature of the ‘day in the life’ experience of an ad sales reps and have designed modules to easily capture and manage weekly interactions with both advertisers and agencies.

Key Features

  • Refreshingly clean screen to capture each meeting summary
  • Ability to link meeting summaries to both advertiser and agency Contacts
  • Private security model (see what you create) with ability to share with split partners
  • Clutter free approach not blending emails with critical meeting notes
  • Multi-record entry available with Visualforce extension

Key Benefits

  • Remarkably clean activity tracking
  • “Not just for managers anymore” high-value solution for reps
  • Data privacy for multi-business unit / title organizations
  • Dramatically improved knowledge capture and retention
  • Faster onboarding and ramp up for new sales reps or new Account assignees
  • Easy to access management and executive-level activity reporting