Is Salesforce Media Cloud ASM Right for You?

by | Sep 1, 2022 | Ad Networks, Media, Retail Media

Salesforce can empower you to build and scale your retail media network (RMN), putting the power of the world’s #1 sales solution to work for your team and business. V2 has developed custom Salesforce solutions to manage omnichannel advertising experiences and sales, fueling sales and business growth for retailers and brands worldwide for more than 17 years.

With Advertising Sales Management (ASM), V2 clients can plan, execute, and measure cross-channel advertising sales within a single converged platform. All without the cost and lift of custom software development.

How? Salesforce ASM is designed to meet industry-specific ad sales challenges at scale. With ASM, you get all the innovation and technical prowess you’d expect from the global leader in sales technology, combined with specific, highly configurable solutions built to meet your working environment, challenges, and needs.

Meeting Consumers & Competitors in a New Reality


Today’s consumers are mobile, omnichannel, non-linear, and “always on.” They aren’t juggling disparate technology systems or cobbling together pieces of manual information piecemeal. They certainly aren’t waiting for technology to meet their needs in real time.

Neither should you.

The ad sales landscape is built on highly relevant, immersive experiences. With Salesforce Advertising Sales Management, you can capitalize on consumer data and bring your digital, linear, print, and out-of-home (OOH) advertising channels together within a single advertising ecosystem. Plan, execute, and measure campaigns across a single 360-degree view with sales, operations, and analytics features built just for you.

Discover the Power of Advertising Sales Management


Built on Media Cloud, Advertising Sales Management addresses the current complexities of ad sales, with room to evolve and grow in the future. With a single source of truth, a media-first data model, and real-time analytics, you can manage advertising sales across the entire process — from pitch to planning, execution, measurement, reporting, and back again.

Eliminate manual errors, inefficient workflows, underutilized inventory, inconsistent pricing, revenue leakage, and other pain points that detail your efforts and keep you up at night. All of these issues can be solved with Advertising Sales Management. Simply start with a Media Cloud base and choose from a suite of solutions to deploy on top: digital commerce, order management, CPQ (configure, price, quote), and more.

As detailed in Salesforce’s ASM data sheet, key features and benefits include:

  • An industry-specific data model for advertising sales
  • 360-degree view of your customer and sales cycle
  • Comprehensive process library to accelerate time to value
  • Media-specific CPQ engine to present best-fit products and services to customers across different channels
  • Centralized and flexible product catalog
  • Digital contract lifecycle management
  • Converged media planning to drive greater efficiency
  • Flexible third-partyfast-track integration to fast track your time to market
  • Advanced order management
  • Campaign performance and revenue pacing to provide actionable insights
  • In-flight campaign amendments to meet your campaign targets
  • Future campaign planning to optimize campaigns and planning decisions
  • Always-on analytics and reporting for real-time views and alerts across all of your data sources and team

Build & Scale Your RMN with ASM (FTW)

Ready to accelerate your advertising sales and streamline your operations? Contact us to learn more about Advertising Sales Management, and discuss your retail media network goals and needs today.

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