Steering Through Economic Turbulence: A Strategic Blueprint for Media and Entertainment in 2024

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Learn more about how media companies can thrive, even during more difficult economic times

Strategic Perspective:

The Key to Unlocking Growth Amidst Economic Constraints

As corporate leaders in the media industry chart their course for 2024, they face distinctly tumultuous economic headwinds. Surging inflation, rising interest rates, and tapering consumer demand have engendered an atmosphere of uncertainty and fiscal restraint across the business landscape. Recent events in the technology sector underscore these challenges. Mass layoffs at stalwarts like Amazon, Meta, and Twitter reflect eroding market valuations and a growing impetus toward cost discipline rather than speculative investments. The message is clear–businesses must balance pragmatic financial planning with the continuous need to innovate to stay competitive in the current climate.

For media and entertainment companies, the need to reinvent and expand stands juxtaposed with budgetary limitations. Businesses must strive to enhance agility and operational efficiency to thrive amidst this dichotomy. Those who succeed in transforming constraints into opportunities stand primed to gain market share.

The Need for Strategic Perspective

In such conditions, the imperative for a strategic approach becomes paramount. Knee-jerk reactions or stopgap measures often exacerbate issues in the long run. What is vital is a perspective that aligns short-term continuity planning with long-term growth. One area leaders must evaluate is around existing technology architecture and identify targeted investments that can unlock additional capabilities. The question then arises–how can businesses augment their technology stack in a budget-conscious environment? This is where strategic advisory comes in. Specialist consultants can objectively analyze an organization’s processes and systems. They can pinpoint specific bottlenecks and areas of underutilization. Most importantly, they can map technology enhancement pathways that are congruent with overarching business objectives.

A Strategic Approach: Combine Pragmatism with Vision

At V2 Strategic Advisors, we recognize that prudent financial planning and ambitious innovation need not be mutually exclusive. Our advisory methodology fuses pragmatism with vision to deliver solutions tailored specifically to each client’s unique needs. We begin every engagement by developing an in-depth understanding of the client’s operational architecture. Our analysis is both broad and deep, encompassing everything from front-end interfaces to back-end databases. This 360-degree view enables us to create insightful advisory outputs encompassing both technical and functional perspectives.

Strategic Alignment with Budgetary Realities

Our advisory programs outline targeted technology optimization pathways and recommended roadmaps for transformation. V2 consciously avoids esoteric recommendations that, while technologically cutting-edge, may not align with what clients can feasibly adopt and support at present given budget and resource constraints. Instead, V2’s focus is how clients can extract greater functionality and value from their existing tools and investments, such as with Salesforce. Fine-tuning and augmenting current platforms can deliver immense value without necessitating large capital expenditures. And then there is the added cost of training around a new system, which most firms just don’t have the time for right now.   

Salesforce: A Future-Ready Springboard

Whether you just onboarded Salesforce, or have had an org for many years, Salesforce lends itself perfectly to this approach of optimization over replacement. It combines enterprise-class scalability with an ecosystem of apps and add-ons, allowing organizations to meet specialized needs by integrating Salesforce with best-of-breed point solutions. Strategic Salesforce advisory provides immense latitude to enhance capabilities without inflated budgets.

Optimization projects are particularly valuable because they enable you to refine and improve your configuration in key areas, adding value only where you need it, without the high cost of replacing your existing setup. V2 specializes in these types of projects, engaging with client teams to understand their goals and helping them achieve these objectives using the tools they already have in place.

Moreover, V2 has been creating our industry-specific Accelerators and Solutions for many years, leveraging our industry expertise to develop solutions that are very much plug-and-play in nature. These solutions help extend the value that firms get from Salesforce, but without the high cost of net new licenses. Our approach is designed to ensure that you can optimize your Salesforce environment to meet the evolving demands of your business and industry, without unnecessary expenditure.

By focusing on strategic optimization, we help our clients navigate economic downturns effectively. Research shows that businesses that are more resilient tend to anticipate, cope with, and then adapt to new circumstances. In times of economic uncertainty, companies that innovate and optimize their existing technology can maintain a competitive edge and even find new opportunities for growth. Our goal at V2 is to help you harness the full potential of Salesforce, ensuring that your technology investments continue to yield a high return, even when budgets are tight.

Salesforce is not just a CRM platform; it’s a springboard for future-ready optimization. With V2’s strategic advisory and our industry-specific solutions, your organization can enhance its Salesforce capabilities, ensuring that every dollar spent is an investment towards a more efficient, resilient, and competitive future.

Client Successes: Extracting Exponential Value

This ROI-centric approach has consistently yielded outstanding outcomes. For example, V2 recently worked with an entertainment conglomerate struggling with fragmented sales data distributed across several disconnected tools. Implementing Industries CPQ based on our advisory program recommendations helped provide a consolidated 360-degree customer view. This delivered over 25% greater sales productivity along with vastly enhanced analytics.

In a second example, through one of our Transformation Advisory programs with a rapidly scaling media publisher, our Salesforce optimization strategy focused on subscriber retention, after observing areas for improvement in their processes and user experience. Among other things, granular audience segmentation and tailored content recommendations boosted their audience engagement levels by over 16%. This also provided detailed subscriber analytics to inform targeted sales and marketing.

The Path Ahead: Converting Constraint into Capability

For media leaders seeking to thrive amidst economic strain, the way forward lies in converting limitations into capabilities, through smarter evangelization of existing technology investments like Salesforce. Partnering with expert strategists provides the acumen and agility to upgrade infrastructure without inflating expenditure.

Building Trust Starts With A Conversation.

The media industry is facing unprecedented challenges, but your existing technology investments can be leveraged to drive greater efficiency and competitive advantage. At V2 Strategic Advisors, our team of Salesforce experts specializes in optimizing your Salesforce implementation to align with your unique business needs. Don’t let your Salesforce investment go underutilized – schedule a strategy session with our team today to learn how we can help you maximize the value of your Salesforce platform, streamline operations, and position your organization for long-term success in these turbulent times.

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Brett Carneiro

Brett Carneiro


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