Unlocking Retail Media Power with Salesforce: The Bridge You Didn’t Know You Needed

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Leveraging Salesforce for Retail Media:

A Comprehensive Guide

As the digital advertising landscape continues its seismic shift, one trend emerges unmistakably above the rest: the meteoric rise of retail media. Once considered a niche segment, retail media has exploded into a dominant force, propelling both retailers and brands to new heights. Current projections from eMarketer indicate a staggering trajectory: by 2025, retail media ad spending in the US is set to outpace traditional TV advertising spend, marking a paradigm shift in advertising dynamics. This explosive growth is not just a trend but a clarion call for retailers to harness their proprietary data and ad spaces, carving out lucrative new revenue streams while brands gain access to precision-targeted audiences with a high intent to purchase.

However, unlocking this burgeoning potential requires a strategic pivot—a reimagining of the operational fabric that underpins retail media teams within the larger organizational tapestry. At V2 Strategic Advisors, our nearly two decades of pioneering work with media companies have given us a front-row seat to this evolution. We’ve navigated the spectrum from custom-building solutions for complex media landscapes to harnessing the power of Salesforce’s industry-specific offerings like the Salesforce Media Cloud, witnessing the transformative power of strategic integration first-hand.

The Allure of the Shiny and New: Why Retail Media Tech Often Misses the Mark

In the bustling arena of retail media, the spotlight often falls on the latest innovative ad tech platform. With their laser focus on ad placement and immediate revenue uplift, these platforms and solutions bring undeniable value to the table. Yet, this hyper-focus unveils a critical oversight: a significant disconnection between retail media endeavors and the broader goals and operations of the organization. This gap primarily stems from these emerging technologies’ compartmentalized, siloed nature.

Armed with several, disparate cutting-edge tools, retail media teams often find themselves as isolated data islands organizationally. While these teams may excel in generating immediate revenue, their success metrics remain obscured from other pivotal departments—sales, finance, merchandising, and marketing. This lack of transparency and collaboration stifles the potential for informed decision-making and strategic growth, which is crucial for sustaining long-term success.

Enter Salesforce: The Unsung Hero of Your Retail Media Strategy

While perhaps lacking the immediate dazzle of niche ad tech tools, Salesforce emerges as an indispensable, albeit understated, linchpin in bridging the gap between retail media initiatives and the organizational whole. Many organizations are already well-acquainted with Salesforce’s Sales Cloud or Service Cloud, offering a robust and familiar platform to foster unprecedented collaboration and transparency.

Consider the analogy of ad tech solutions as the ornate faucets in a luxury bathroom—eye-catching and directly responsible for delivering water (or, in this context, generating revenue). Yet, absent the intricate network of pipes and valves—the infrastructure Salesforce embodies—these faucets would lose their functionality. Salesforce is the backbone that ensures data not only flows but does so seamlessly, integrating retail media efforts directly into the organizational bloodstream.

Expanding the Retail Media Landscape: A Closer Look at the Numbers

The ascendancy of retail media is underscored by compelling data that illustrates its burgeoning influence. According to a recent study by the Interactive Advertising Bureau (IAB), retail media’s share of total digital ad spending is on an aggressive growth path, with projections suggesting a double-digit increase in market share over the next few years. This shift is fueled by a combination of factors: an increasing consumer preference for online shopping, the rich data ecosystems retailers possess, and the direct pathway to purchase that retail media offers.

For brands, the appeal of retail media lies in its unparalleled ability to target consumers with precision—leveraging shopping data to pinpoint intent at the moment of highest receptivity. This level of targeting efficiency enhances ad spend’s effectiveness and opens new avenues for engagement across the consumer journey.

Building a Unified Retail Media Ecosystem with Salesforce

Integrating Salesforce into the retail media tech stack is not just about enhancing operational efficiency; it’s about redefining the ecosystem to support data-driven decision-making and holistic collaboration. Salesforce’s offers a suite of solutions beyond traditional Sales Cloud and Service Cloud that provide a panoramic view of capabilities tailored to elevate retail media strategies:

    • Salesforce Media Cloud: Specifically designed for media landscapes, this solution centralizes vendor management, forecasting and quoting management, order management, and campaign booking management. Additionally, it simplifies workflow automation and delivers actionable insights through its Campaign Reporting features (i.e., Marketing Cloud Intelligence), empowering teams to pivot from administrative tasks to strategic initiatives.
    • Salesforce Marketing Cloud: By harnessing customer data, Marketing Cloud enables the crafting of deeply personalized ad campaigns. This precision targeting drives higher engagement rates, increasing conversions and customer loyalty.
    • Salesforce Data Cloud: Establishing a singular truth source is pivotal. Data Cloud harmonizes data across platforms, ensuring accuracy and consistency, thus laying the foundation for trust in retail media insights.
    • Salesforce Einstein Analytics & AI: Salesforce’s AI capabilities allow for analyzing vast data volumes, offering predictive insights and real-time optimization opportunities. Einstein’s analytics can unveil trends, predict behaviors, and tailor campaign strategies for maximum impact.
    • Tableau: Tableau’s visualization tools bring retail media ad sales and campaign data to life, enabling the creation of dynamic dashboards and reports. These visualizations make retail media campaign performance transparent and understandable to stakeholders across the organization, fostering a culture of inclusivity and informed decision-making.

The Power of Collaboration: How Transparency Benefits Everyone in Retail

The integration of Salesforce transcends the mere optimization of internal processes. It heralds a new era of cross-departmental collaboration and transparency, yielding benefits that ripple across the entire organization:

  • Enhanced Forecasting and Planning: With a unified data view, sales and finance teams can forecast more accurately, leading to more effective resource allocation and strategic planning.
  • Informed Merchandising Strategies: Retail media insights can guide merchandising decisions, aligning in-store experiences with online advertising efforts to create a seamless omnichannel journey for customers.
  • Strategic Advertising and Partnerships: Access to comprehensive retail media data enables marketing teams to craft informed advertising strategies and forge partnerships that resonate with overarching marketing goals.

A Case Study in Success: Elevating Retail Media with Salesforce

Our collaboration with a global online retailer illustrates Salesforce’s transformative potential. Initially constrained by siloed third-party technologies, the retailer faced significant data integration and cross-functional collaboration hurdles. The implementation of Salesforce Media Cloud centralized their retail media sales and ad operations while catalyzing collaboration across departments.

The impact was profound: the retailer unveiled a scalable, future-ready tech stack that not only elevated their retail media capabilities but also accelerated organizational growth. The clarity, transparency, and data-driven insights provided by Salesforce enabled more strategic decision-making, marking a leap toward a holistic and triumphant retail media strategy.

Unlocking the Retail Media Advantage with Salesforce

The burgeoning retail media landscape presents an unprecedented opportunity for growth and innovation. Salesforce stands ready as the silent powerhouse, poised to unlock the full potential of your retail media strategy. Contact V2 Strategic Advisors for a deeper dive into how Salesforce can revolutionize your approach. Embrace a future where your retail media efforts thrive and serve as a cornerstone of your organization’s overarching growth narrative, powered by unmatched confidence, transparency, and collaborative synergy.

Building Trust Starts With A Conversation.

At V2 Strategic Advisors, we recognize the unique challenges faced by the media industry. Our expertise lies in leveraging Salesforce Data Cloud and Einstein to enhance media companies’ advertising sales capabilities. By integrating these advanced technologies, we help your team refine data strategies and optimize sales processes.

Experience the future of media sales with Salesforce’s cutting-edge technology. Are you ready to elevate your media sales to the next level? Contact V2 Strategic Advisors today to discover how we can transform your organization’s approach to content production and ad sales, ensuring your success in the rapidly evolving media landscape.

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