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This year, V2 Strategic Advisors is excited to be taking on a leading role at Salesforce Connections 2023, which kicks off June 7th at McCormick Place in Chicago. The annual technology trade show is a popular hub for learning, networking and relationship building for brands aiming to improve and adopt best practices in customer success through marketing, CRM, and analytics and by leveraging innovative product accelerators that partners like V2 have created to enhance Salesforce OOTB capabilities, such as our Data Clean Room Accelerator that we launched last fall at Dreamforce.

This year V2 was invited to co-present its POV at two distinct Campground Sessions alongside Salesforce, both on topics related to Retail Media, which has quickly become a growing interest for many retailers.


Partner Relationship Management

Our first session is titled Retail Media: 4 Ways to Ride the Next Revenue Wave, and will feature V2’s Chief Experience Officer Ryan Prescott and Salesforce’s Retail Industry Advisor Lindsey Nelson. Together, they will discuss and identify four distinct models that retailers can leverage to ensure they get the most value from their Retail Media Network. This is a great session for anyone looking to understand how to get started in Retail Media, as it will help attendees think through several important factors to consider before jumping in.

The second session, titled Unlock Your Retail Media Opportunity with Data, will again feature V2’s Chief Experience Officer, Ryan Prescott, but this time, Ryan will be joined by Salesforce’s Product Marketing Manager for Salesforce Industries, Gaby Hosokawa. Together they will discuss how retailers can leverage the power and flexibility of Salesforce’s platform to activate real-time data, boost advertising sales, and maximize revenue. This session will be better suited for retailers already established in Retail Media and actively working to monetize their audience and customer data better, as the session will explore topics like data sources and data storage, and how best to bring that data together to augment your RMN strategy.

V2’s increased presence at Connections this year signals a powerful and important shift in the ecosystem, where our hands-on experience leveraging the Salesforce platform to build out optimized prospect-to-cash systems for Media and Retail companies is becoming increasingly valuable. Our insight and tribal knowledge of Retail Media Networks, as one example, coupled with how that specifically translates to Salesforce ‘best practices,’ is increasingly in demand by many large firms. V2 is excited to be coming back to Connections this year, and contributing to some of the innovation and thought leadership that makes this event so meaningful and insightful.

Learn how partner relationship management can help drive sales

Things to Think About

When Preparing For Connections

If you haven’t been to Salesforce Connections in the past, here are some helpful things to consider, as you prepare:

1. Think About Your Goals: Consider what you hope to gain from attending the conference. Do you want to learn about new marketing trends, are you trying to discover new tools and technologies, or do you want to network with industry peers? Having clear goals will always help you plan your time at Connections more effectively. With the Connections app, it’s easier than ever to mock up that list of sessions you want to attend in advance, and then just follow your schedule from your mobile device.

2. Consider Your Level of Experience with Salesforce: If you’re new to the platform, you may want to attend more intro-level sessions or workshops. If you’re more experienced, you may be interested in attending the more advanced sessions or networking with other Salesforce experts. Check the schedule and confirm that these sessions are available to you, and that if any require advance sign-up, you can register for these before they fill up. This is a great way to control your Connections experience before you get there and ensure you maximize your time and impact.

3. Plan Some Flexibility in Your Schedule: Remember that the conference, which is two full days, is packed with events, sessions, and keynotes. After a morning of running around the Convention floor and breakout rooms, it’s important to schedule some downtime to avoid burnout and allow yourself time to explore anything that wasn’t in the event calendar but peaks your interest. At events like Connections, just because of the sheer volume of people and presenters, there is always something that surprises you that you may have wished you had saved some time for, so budget for exploration time and also space to connect with the great community of people that will be around you.

4. Download the Conference App: Download the official Salesforce Connections app to keep up to date with the latest conference information, session schedules, and to connect with other attendees. The app can also help you plan your schedule and navigate the conference venue to find out where things are happening. A lot of the partners, vendors, and events track who comes to their booth or room, and they use the Connections app to do this, so having that ready will likely save you some time during the actual event itself. And don’t forget an extra charger since your phone will act as “command central” for the day.

5. Have Fun & Learn: In the world’s current remote work world, you don’t often get as many opportunities to separate yourself from your home environment, and step away to invest in yourself. Salesforce Connections can be that event for many. With so many thoughtful and talented people under one roof, connecting and presenting on interesting topics, the opportunities for growth and learning are endless.

Whatever your reason is for attending Connections 2023 this June, we would like to see you! Interested in Connecting with V2 Strategic Advisors at Connections? Schedule time with us, and let’s meet up in Chicago and talk about Retail Media, Media Cloud for Retailers, Data Cloud, Partner Relationship Management, Einstein GPT or whatever is on your mind. We’d be more than happy to brainstorm some ideas with you and talk about how to bring that vision to life. 

Lastly, don’t forget to mark our two events in your Connections app, this way you get updates and reminders for how to find us in Chicago!

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Brett Carneiro

Brett Carneiro


Brett Carneiro is the Director of Marketing for V2 Strategic Advisors, helping to elevate the awareness of our brand and approach within the Salesforce and Partner ecosystem. Brett also works as a Sr. Sales Engineer, helping to run product demos and discovery sessions with clients, showing teams the 'Art of the Possible', using the latest products and V2 configurations that are available to solve business problems and increase efficency and profitability. Brett has been working in the marketing and sales space for more than 15+ years and has worked on both the brand and agency side. Additonally, in 2018, Brett earned an M.B.A. in Marketing, and also holds several active Salesforce certifcations.