Introducing Our New Data Clean Room Accelerator for Salesforce Media Cloud

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Over the past year, we’ve had many conversations with clients about the shifting advertising landscape and increased demands for personalized customer interactions. With the deprecation of third-party cookies, increased competition for audience attention, and strict consumer privacy laws, many companies are contending with declining campaign performance.

That’s why we developed our new Data Clean Room Accelerator for Salesforce Media Cloud, built in collaboration with the teams at Salesforce and Snowflake.

While there are many data clean room options available on the market, this Accelerator is the first of its kind for Salesforce Media Cloud. It combines the capabilities of Salesforce and Snowflake—two important components of many enterprise tech stacks—extending and enhancing Media Cloud’s Advertising Sales Management application so that you can create and manage Snowflake data clean rooms right within the Media Cloud environment.

Data Clean Room Accelerator

Simplify Your Data Sharing Strategy

Snowflake is the best-in-class platform for data storage, sharing, and analytics. Its data clean rooms permit multiple companies or departments to share and join first-party data without exposing personally identifiable information (PII), such as emails, device IDs, and IP addresses.

V2’s Data Clean Room Accelerator leverages these capabilities to enable secure data sharing between publishers and advertisers. Once each party uploads their anonymized data to a Snowflake data clean room, they can analyze the overlap between their audiences within the Media Cloud environment to develop improved customer audience segments and execute more effective campaigns. The data is shared anonymously within the data clean room, and PII is never moved, copied, or exposed. Each data owner retains full control of their data.

The Accelerator also streamlines tasks across teams. It incorporates Salesforce Media Cloud’s industry-specific data model and Omni-studio features (low-code tools to create guided customer and user flows) to simplify the complexities typically involved with audience management. In addition, the setup and management of data clean rooms once demanded the expertise of a data engineer. With the Data Clean Room Accelerator, there’s no coding required. Your Salesforce Administrator can easily create as many data clean rooms as you need with just a few clicks, saving your team time and allowing them to focus on value-generating activities instead.

Unlock New Revenue Opportunities

and Strategic Partnerships

Data clean rooms are becoming popular because of the control they give back to publishers, advertisers, and marketers. They unlock the potential to find new revenue channels and customer segments, and strengthen B2B partnerships by providing clearer conversion signals and improving attribution and overall campaign performance.

For media companies, this means having the ability to share first-party data with advertising partners to grow advertiser investment. For example, a publisher could layer their first-party data with an advertiser’s to compare demographics (where their customers live) and psychographics (their customers’ interests) to create a high-quality target audience for a campaign. Retail enterprises can securely share data with their partners to generate more customer value. The hospitality industry can benefit from cross-channel measurement to improve campaign targeting and customize offers for their patrons. And the list continues. Anyone interested in monetizing their data can benefit from a data clean room solution.

An Accelerator for the Privacy-First Era


The Data Clean Room Accelerator was created specifically for Media Cloud Ad Sales Management (ASM). As a launch partner for ASM and having worked with media companies for the past 17+ years, this is truly our area of expertise.

Salesforce Accelerators are typically products or components that bolt onto an existing Salesforce Cloud to enhance its functionality and solve a specific issue. They often come in the form of a managed package, but can also include services when the configuration of that package would be required to ensure it has the desired impact. Over the years, we have created similar packages, most of which have been designed to improve efficiencies for enterprise-level media companies. This latest Data Clean Room Accelerator builds upon that expertise and is the first in a new series of Accelerators and Solutions that we’ll be launching in the coming months.

For now, we know that media planning, audience activation, campaign booking, clean room management, and even the relationships between publishers, agencies, and advertisers can be complex. This Data Clean Room Accelerator is engineered to help companies make sense of it all.


The V2 Data Clean Accelerator will launch in September at Dreamforce, Salesforce’s annual conference. For more information or to find out if this solution is right for you, contact us to schedule a free 15-minute consultation.

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Joe Hooper

Joe Hooper


Joe Hooper has over 15+ years of consulting experience leading large-scale CRM system deployments for successful projects. During his tenure at V2, he has developed expertise in the Salesforce platform, business process design, data migration, and system integration. He currently serves as the Principal Director of Solution Architecture at V2.