About V2

Our strategy is simple: build a world-class team of individuals who collaborate around Cloud technology and industry best practices from our global headquarters in Manhattan. Clients quickly realize that V2’s incredibly talented consultants, industry- specific solutions and agile delivery framework help to streamline the process and provide results quickly.

CRM and technology solution deployments as a whole are tough, period. Getting the design right is only one aspect influencing success. Process improvement gets you further but is not a panacea. But what about the cultural, political and other factors which never make it to the screen? People don’t always like change (an understatement, right?). Our approach ensures success in all three of those arenas. We pride ourself on our unwavering support for all of our clients needs from start to finish.

V2 Case Studies

Digital Ad Sales Revenue Flighting and DART Integration

A digital media organization was not able to appropriately capture and flight out digital ad sales revenue. In addition, DFP data and data from the existing digital billing system was not being made available for ad sales reps and management reporting. Read More

Newspaper Ad Sales and Order Data Integration

A leading newspaper was utilizing Excel spreadsheets to manage a majority of sales-related functions from lead management, through ongoing relationship management and ad sales forecasting. Additionally, sales rep access to critical order data was limited as it was being managed in legacy print order systems.
Read More