Our 12+ year journey consulting for some of the world's most recognized media organizations has been exhilarating, to say the least. Years ago, it started with a transition from print to digital. More recently, the conversation has evolved into mobile, video, OTT and programmatic among other interesting topics. We speak your language - advertisers, brands, agencies, networks, DSPs, SSPs, CPMs, ROB; media loves its acronyms. We truly understand the data, process, productivity and platform integration challenges unique to your segment.

Forget about the slide decks. Let's jump to the whiteboard and model pipeline, booked and flighted revenue, design a Cloud architecture where CRM, planning and delivery systems keep account data in sync or improve pre- and post-sales process flows. V2 is uniquely equipped to help you plan and execute the transformation necessary to remain competitive in the rapidly changing media landscape. And although the breadth of our client list speaks for itself, we encourage you to engage with us and see for yourself how V2 is truly focused, proven and refreshing when it comes to media. 


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