How to Accelerate Media Sales with Revenue Cloud CPQ

by | Mar 6, 2022 | Ad Sales, CRM, Digital Transformation, Salesforce

The pandemic forever changed the sales landscape, introducing new complexities and challenges for sales teams and media companies worldwide. With tighter budgets and a growing need for automation, real-time visibility, and cross-channel sales, many organizations seek a single integrated platform to streamline high-velocity sales and simplify end-to-end revenue management.

At V2, we execute diverse cross-cloud capabilities, harnessing the power of Salesforce Revenue Cloud to help media companies go beyond out-of-the-box functionality to achieve business goals. You can improve the quote-to-cash continuum with Revenue Cloud’s CPQ, Billing, and Subscription Management capabilities. Here, we’ll focus on Salesforce’s Revenue Cloud Configure Price Quote (CPQ) product and demonstrate how media organizations can use this to drive operational and sales efficiencies.


Get to Know Salesforce CPQ (Configure, Price, Quote)

Putting all the moving pieces of a deal together can be difficult, especially when teams are working offline in spreadsheets or trying to configure complicated deals using standard Sales Cloud functionality. For companies with large sales teams, complex product catalogs, and a variety of touchpoints, you really need a solution that will meet your team’s and customers’ needs.

Salesforce CPQ gives your media sales team the flexibility to formulate proposals in a way that feels more achievable and cost-effective. With Salesforce CPQ, you can build complex, accurate estimates and quotes quickly — in a way everyone feels good about.


3 Advantages of Salesforce CPQ for Media Teams

Why use Salesforce CPQ? These are the advantages for your media organization and ad sales team.

1. Close deals faster with greater confidence

Inaccurate quotes can lead to frustrated customers and loss of revenue. Salesforce CPQ can help your media teams to streamline their ad sales quoting process, and help you generate more accurate quotes faster. Generate complete and accurate quotes in just minutes with a customized template and automated approval routing. With Salesforce CPQ, you won’t have to dig through spreadsheets, or worry that you’re quoting the wrong prices, options, or configurations.

2. Spend more time selling

Salesforce reports that sales reps spend just 34% of their time selling, with the lion’s share of their days devoted to quotes, proposals, and approvals. Salesforce CPQ accelerates and automates these administrative tasks to give your salespeople and ad sales teams time back to focus on value-add activities. With CPQ, users have reported impressive gains including:

  • Generating quotes 10 times faster
  • Reducing approval time by 95%
  • Moving from quote to cash twice as fast
  • Improving ramp time for new reps by 30%

3. Launch new revenue models

Today’s business climate demands flexible buying options and new ways to bring in additional revenue. Salesforce CPQ makes it simple to introduce new revenue models such as subscriptions and milestone-based, to drive a better customer experience and improved revenue growth. With CPQ, media teams can accommodate versatile payment models, and structure payments in a way that allows for more flexibility and customization.


Salesforce Revenue Cloud CPQ


Simplify Your Media Sales with Salesforce CPQ

Salesforce CPQ is a powerful tool to simplify sales and accelerate quote to cash. Check out this video from Salesforce to learn more, and contact us to discuss versatile solutions to your business challenges.



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