Employee Engagement & Talent

Many gifted leaders have said the same thing over the years in one form or another: That one of the most difficult tasks in building a great company is to find and retain top-notch talent. We don’t disagree. Human Resources has become increasingly complex as executives and managers need to focus on a range of human capital-related processes including effective recruiting, onboarding, learning & development, diversity & inclusion, compensation and outplacement. Top that off with the need to manage vastly different generational expectations and to build a sustainable corporate culture and your HR/ Talent team has plenty on their plates.


Technology platforms to support the needs of talent organizations continue to be highly fragmented. Talent acquisition solutions vary from traditional HR functions which are separate from talent development. While some large players try to do it all, their solutions tend to be inflexible and lack the innovation which smaller niche players are bringing to the marketplace. Data is siloed, double-keying is common and employees are not getting the tools they deserve.


We may not be as large as many of our clients, but we have much to share when it comes to agile talent operations. Our perspectives emerge from taking the best of what we experienced working at large corporations and startups and blending in some of the more innovative approaches we have developed internally. When it comes to technology, we bring a point of view around what solutions may help your various talent-related teams and can discuss how Salesforce’s world-class platform can help with your engagement efforts. There’s no one recipe for success, however, there are common ingredients we’d like to share. The bar has been set high when it comes to employee engagement – we’ll help you take that leap.