Quote-to-Cash/Middle Office

We understand well that in any industry, the concept of quote-to-cash is not simple by any means. Varying revenue models and complex order capture, delivery, and billing models can make the operational side of your business time consuming and less automated than other parts of your company.


Moreover, performance-related data critical to running the daily operations and making timely decisions, are commonly scattered and in need of manual reconciliation before being available and ready for management and executive teams to view. This lag is a source of frustration and energy suck for individuals and teams who continually reflect, “There has to be a better and more efficient way to aggregate, visualize, analyze and share delivery and financially-oriented data!”


V2 has been part of these conversations for years, working with sales, business operations, billing, FP&A, finance, and other teams who need to collaboratively “get to a better place”. We bring teams together, help you begin speaking the same language (e.g. “How do you define ‘revenue’ in your organization”), and start the process of making this complex flow more efficient. We look at data, people, roles, processes, and especially systems to devise and implement a holistic solution to your challenge. The systems we analyze and better integrate may include CPQ, OMS, billing, homegrown middle office solutions, ERPs, production solutions, subscriber management, and others. You won’t find many who can tackle this topic, but V2 is a rare firm who gets it. No more need for you to educate your external consultants on the basics or even the advanced – we’ll hit the ground running and move the ball down the field at a reasonable pace.