What does a multi-channel marketing operations strategy look like in this day and age? Marketers face a daunting challenge of how to best establish, maintain, and enhance their brands and craft customer journeys that create and maintain customer loyalty. Many organizations face the complexity of B2B2C business models with audience data that is scattered and far from perfect. Large amounts of data flow freely and frequently for prospects, existing clients, and partners to leverage during the research, evaluation, and buying phases. The cycle to bring new products and services to market has been condensed. Strong pipelines are necessary for survival. The need for agile marketing operations has never been greater.


We at V2 recognize that traditional CRM solutions can only take you so far in the execution of multi-channel marketing. We believe in the power of best-of-breed marketing solutions such as Pardot, Marketing Cloud, Datorama, and others. When done properly, integrating your marketing solution with CRM will take more than a few clicks, and conversations between departments will need to be authentic and collaborative. Decisions around lead scoring and assignment rules, segmentation criteria, campaign structures, data modeling, the timing of conversions, and other key factors will be critical. Ensuring healthy collaboration between marketing and sales will be equally as important. Data cleansing is likely necessary.


V2 is well-prepared to guide your own journey. We can help lead effective sessions both within your marketing department and across teams, leading to improved understanding and communication between marketing, sales, product, and other departments. We will help define the concept of “Leads” vs. “Qualified Opportunities” based on your unique vernacular and drive conversations around roles and responsibilities which are often long overdue. From a technology perspective, we are world-class architects and have a proven track record of design and integrated a multitude of systems, helping our clients finally breathe a sigh of relief that marketing and sales solutions can indeed be effectively integrated. Everyone can be happy, believe us. V2 will get you over the hump and on your way to effective, high ROI multi-channel marketing. We’ll make you a marketing hero.