Some people say that if you have never sold, you cannot possibly understand. We speak your language (did you say forecasts, sandbagging, qualification, weighted pipelines, splits?). We understand that your “gut” matters and we acknowledge that salespeople are a unique set of individuals with varying experience, tactics, and philosophies.


Sales organizations and operations are undergoing rapid transformation. Changing competitive environments, challenging economies and Cloud-based technologies are turning upside down how we sell, who we sell to, what tools we leverage, and the speed at which we drive sales cycles. It’s exciting to some and confusing or even terrifying to others.


Over our 15+ year tenure as a top boutique consultancy in the Salesforce ecosystem, we’ve designed and implemented CRM and analytics solutions for tens of thousands of end-users, managers, and executives spanning pre- and post-sales teams across many industries. While we will always first “seek to understand”, we can and will be prescriptive business consultants, leveraging our deep industry experience and understanding of what has and has not worked well for other organizations similar to yours. We’ll bring fresh ideas around training and adoption which may include multi-modality training – short video clips, virtual office hours, trainings segmented by roles or user sophistication, and tactics for managers who want to drive adoption through example. CRM can indeed be a path to faster onboarding, higher productivity, reduced knowledge flight, and improved sales and customer retention metrics for your organization.