While call centers and email remain common support channels for many companies, there is no arguing that the bar has been raised in recent years. B2C and B2B customers alike want to be not only empowered through web-based information, but also supported via timely and effective human-based support. Anything less than a true omni-channel customer support strategy can lead to frustrated and vocal customers who share their experiences with a broader community, impacting your brand and revenue.


Moreover, service and support organizations increasingly are becoming a key channel for marketing and product development teams to aggregate data about customers? wants and needs for enhancements and new products or services. The long-evangelized ‘360 degree view of the customer continues to evade many companies, creating poor customer service experiences for many.


V2 is here to help you meet or exceed the lofty expectations of your modern-day customer. We’ve often uncovered that disjointed legacy systems are a primary challenge, preventing CSRs from offering a streamlined customer experience. We can help you devise a multi-channel service & support operations roadmap and develop or refine company-specific service & support methodologies. We’ll roll up our sleeves and drive workshops that can help identify inefficiencies in ‘Case to Resolution’ process flow across various channels including phone, email, web, chat or field service and identify ways to improve content management for CSRs to more effectively and efficiently access relevant data to solve customer issues. Finally, let’s not forget it’s critical to help drive enhanced collaboration between service, marketing and sales, leading to greater upsell/cross and an improved customer experience.?


Providing world-class post-sales support is a journey that is continually evolving, and needless to say, neverending. Let us provide you a white-gloved experience so you can delight your own customers in new and exciting ways.