Architecture & Integration

Integration isn’t just for techies anymore. Well-informed information technology and line of business leaders spanning all industries are realizing that intelligent Cloud infrastructure and integration strategies play a critical role to improve key business metrics. Better capture and flow of data can help drive top-line revenue growth and improve operational efficiencies. Yes, integrations can make an impact on the bottom line.


Systems architectures are not uncomplex. It’s not uncommon for data to be flowing across one or more marketing automation, CRM, order management, delivery, programmatic, billing, warehouse, analytics, and other solutions. Unique account identification for consolidated reporting is typically problematic and a source of frustration. 


With 15+ years of consulting for global and high-growth organizations, V2 has a proven ability to both get down in the weeds and hover strategically to analyze and optimize your architecture. We can share how the Salesforce platform and other industry-specific platforms can be best integrated for efficient data flow, improved reporting, and maximum scalability.  We take a methodical, but agile approach to mapping out key processes and data flows, recommending improvements, designing improved architectures, and building integrations. Our teams collaborate heavily, combining your deep knowledge of existing systems and data with our subject matter expertise around industry best practices, testing methodologies, and Cloud APIs. Say goodbye to double-keying and hello to happier, more productive users.